The spirit of an event  [ Chinese Horror Story ]

White collar Zhang Ling (Zhu Yuchen ornaments) take a gloomy 375 bus to go home, he and the girl friend (Shi Tianqi ornaments) and meal. Two people in love for many years, but now in order to marriage and make fast. Along with a mysterious radio program ”Ling chest incident” their story, string up: ”lovers” and the year in Chengdu, Zhang Ling, a University College, because I do not know what the reason, the school suddenly broke out zombie chaos. Once the students become the devil of the loss of human nature, and Zhang Ling is bent to protect his favorite little white. ”Wife” Suzhou and Zhang Ling quarrel in the wedding photography, wedding dress from Suzhou angrily. Night, a person hiding in the outside of the girl with a knife and was throwing acid disfigured, in order to heal the wound wife, Zhang Ling was introduced to buy a mysterious oil. ”Mother” Zhang Ling’s mother was in a state of suspended animation, the couple the elderly receiving home care, but their son Xiaotao has shown many strange behavior. And the old man was even more eccentric.

Genre : Horror, horror,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Bowie Lau

Cast : Shi Tianqi, Zhu Yuchen

Release : 2015-11-20 (mainland China)

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The spirit of an event, Chinese Horror Story,灵臆事件

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