Operation Mekong  [ 湄公河大案,湄公河,Operation Mekong ]

Two Chinese merchant ships were attacked in Mekong river and 13 crews were killed. Thai policemen found 9 hundred thousand crystal meth on the ships. This new shocked China. Gang Gao, the leader of Narcotics Corps in Yun Nan province was assigned to lead a special team to Golden Triangle to investigate. Cooperated with a informer, Fanxin Wu, Gao discovered that 13 crew member were brutally murdered and framed up. Gao and Wu decided to fight for justice out of China no matter what it takes.

Genre : Action, crime,

Region : Mainland China, Hongkong

Director : Dante Lam

Cast : Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Sun Chun, Chen Baoguo, Feng Wenjuan, Liu Xianda, Zhao Jian, Wu Xudong, Wu Jialong

Release : 2016-09-30 (mainland China), 2016-10-07 (Taiwan)

Language : Mandarin

Subtitles : Thai,Vietnamese,Indonesian,Malaysian,English,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese

Titles : Operation Mekong, 湄公河大案,湄公河,Operation Mekong,湄公河行动

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