Chinese partners  [ 海阔天空(台),三个中国先生,中国先生,American Dreams in China ]

In 1980s three, with passion and dreams of young people met at the universities of Yenching University campus, have since launched a friendship and dream of their journey for thirty years. Born in a family of Meng Xiaojun International (Deng Chaoshi) to stand on the land of the United States to change the world, romantic freedom Wang Yang (Tong Dawei ornaments) enjoy the beginning of reform and opening up the vigorous passionate youth, had two times the entrance exam of rural youth into Holly (Huang Xiaoming) with Xiao Jun as the target to study, and a good harvest love. However, three friends in the end only Xiao Jun to get the United States visa, the reality and the dream of a huge gap between holly and Wang Yang has been hit. By chance, was expelled from the office of holly in Wang Yang’s help to do the English training school, began to taste the joy of success. In the United States and the development of Xiao Jun’s return, and join the school, no doubt to promote the three friends to dream a big step forward.

Genre : Plot,

Region : Mainland China, Hongkong

Director : Peter Chan

Cast : Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, Tong Dawei, cuckoo

Release : 2013-05-17 (mainland China), 2013-05-30 (Hongkong)

Language : English, Mandarin Chinese

Subtitles : English,Vietnamese,Thai,Indonesian,Malaysian,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese

Titles : Chinese partners, 海阔天空(台),三个中国先生,中国先生,American Dreams in China,中国合伙人

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