BusabaBold & Beautiful  [ Suay Sing Krating Sab ]

Two guys, a girl, and a large, stolen sapphire could make for a decent screwball comedy or crime thriller.But in Busaba Bold & Beautiful (Suay Sing Krating Sab), amidst jokes about explosive diarrhea, a smelly corpse in an ambulance, transvestite hookers and an endless parade of comedians and funny-looking folk, somehow the fact that there were two guys and a girl, with the makings of the typical love triangle, was forgotten.Too many characters, an overly confusing story and frayed plot threads involve the large blue gemstone and multiple double-crosses as it is stolen from thieves by another thief by another thief and another.Tears of the Black Tiger and Monrak Transistor star Supakorn Kitsuwan gets third billing in this crime comedy that stars soaps actress Suvanant Kongying and TV star Weeraphap Suphappaibul.Charutpong Surasawadee plays Banharn, the leader of a bumbling crew of gangsters that includes Ampon Rattanawong (who acted opposite Supakorn in Monrak). They are trying to track down Heng (Kirk Schiller), a participant in a heist of gemstones from some Westerners. Heng slinked away from the daring daylight robbery and switched the gems with some fakes. Achita Sikamana is a (fashionable) plainclothes police captain trying to solve the heist.Supakorn and Weeraphap portray Pod and Ad, a pair of small-time crooks. They are introduced running through alleyways as they are being chased by some other gangsters. The scene could be referencing a similiar chase scene from Monrak Transistor. It ends with a joke, as Pod and Ad ask a couple of men in police uniforms to stop the gangsters from beating them up. But the police say they are powerless. It is then revealed that they have stumbled onto a movie set, with director Thanit Jitnukul playing an assistant director.Not sure what this set-up was for, but it was easily the best and funniest scene in the film.

Genre : Comedy Drama,

Region : Thailand

Director : Pisuth Praesaeng-iam

Cast : Suvanant Kongying, Weeraphap Suphappaibul

Release : 2008

Language : Thai

Titles : BusabaBold & Beautiful ,Suay Sing Krating Sab,สวย สิงห์ กระทิง แซ่บ

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