head shot  [ Headshot ]

A serious wounded man, in the practice of female doctor Irene's careful care to restore consciousness, what can not remember him to see Irene is reading the "Moby Dick", decided to "Ishmael" as their own name The Eileen tried his best to help him recover his memory, and the two men who had been together had gradually developed a relationship beyond the general medical condition. At this time the darkness of the past swept from the gang kidnapped Eileen, only to restore memory to save love.

Genre : Story , action , horror,

Region : Indonesia

Director : Timo Tajaatto / Chimo Sultan Boer

Cast : Gennady Bimo / Julie Estelle / David Yecheng / Chelsea Aslan / Yap Kashnanda / more ...

Release : 2016-09-09

Language : Indonesian language

Titles : head shot,Headshot ,突击死亡局(港) / 迎头重击(台)

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