Thor 3: Ragnarok  [ Thor Thor 3: Gods Twilight / Thor: Ragnarok ]

Two years after the battle in Sokowa, Saul (Chris Hemsworth ornaments) was informed of the Twilight prophecy of the gods and hoped to stop the destruction of Asgard by the flame giant Sirte. Sauer and Rocky (Tom Hiddleston) found Odin (Anthony Hopkins) under the guidance of Dr. Kiwi (Benedict Cumberbatch). Odin two brothers to tell them they have a sister - the goddess of death Hella (Cate Blanchett ornaments). In a battle the Thor's Hammer was destroyed by Hella, Saul fell to the Rainbow Bridge and came to Sarkar, became a prisoner. Soul lost the hammer was forced to open Gladiator duel, while the opponent actually is his old comrades Hulk (Mark Ruflo ornaments). Sol must fight alongside Hulk, Loki, and others in order to stop Hella and the coming gods from dusk.

Genre : Action , Fantasy , Adventure,

Region : United States

Director : Tayika Vidi

Cast : Chris Hemsworth / Tom Hiddleston / Cate Blanchett / Idris Alba / Jeff Gallen

Release : 2017

Language : English

Titles : Thor 3: Ragnarok,Thor Thor 3: Gods Twilight / Thor: Ragnarok,Thunder 3: Gods Twilight (Hong Kong) / Thor 3

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