Gold Divine - 1

The late Meiji era. The Japanese-Russian war hero Seiji Sugimoto, who is known as the “Death of Sugimoto”, went to Hokkaido where he could make a fortune for a certain purpose. There, there is a huge opportunity to take away money from the Ainu people. The possession of gold was concealed by the men who were jailed at the escapades, and the tattoos engraved by the 24 escaped prisoners were clues to their location. At this time, Sugimoto, who was attacked by a brown bear, was rescued by an Ainu girl. The young girl named Azilipa was killed by a man who had taken possession of the gold. Not only that, as if it were in line with the actions of Sugimoto, the actions of the most powerful troops in the north, the seventh division of the North, and prisoners carrying tattoos have begun to surface. Taking the magnificent northern land as a stage, how will this once-thousand-thousand-thousand-throw survival action develop? ?

Genre : Action , Blood , Magic , Inspirational , Drama,

Region : Japan

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese

Titles : Gold Divine,Gold Divine

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