Passionate companion

Telling the heroine Laura was trying to find a new lover and normal feelings because of past abuse and a messy intimate experience, the 16-year-old Eva became her hope light. Eva was a talented pianist, but his imagination was disillusioned by the pressure his mother imposed on her life. The two developed a seemingly unlikely relationship. Laura was infatuated with Eva. Because of Eva's predicament, Laura convinced her to leave home and the two quickly fell into a fierce entanglement. Maneuvering, restraint, and interdependence set off waves. Eventually the dynamic relationship between the two people broke down and they could only stick to their positions.

Genre : Love , Thriller , Same Sex,

Region : Canada

Director : Carlos Sanchez / Jason Sanchez

Cast : Evan Rachel Wood / Julia Sara Stone / Dennis O'Hara / Maxim Roy / Joe Corbett

Release : 2017

Language : English

Titles : Passionate companion,Passion Whirlpool (Taiwan) / A Worthy Companion

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