Love is in the air - 1

In the late Ming dynasty, the phenomenon of crop circles in Tianze food and moon occurred in Fuze Taoyuan villagers, so that they possessed mysterious power to protect their lives, and the century changed to become a guardian family. The old "Lai Wu Chai" Jiang Yiyi and her first love boyfriend Chu Tianyi had already split their two-year anniversary. It was still difficult to live on the surface. She and the guardian guardian Makino were indifferent, and they both shared the rent and became happy families. The amazing power of Fumino not only added to the fun of life but also changed Jiang Yiyi’s face, helping her to strive to awaken the dream of an inventor of her childhood in the workplace, and determined to develop machines. The arm helped the missing arm athlete Shi Liang back to the court. In order to make Jiang Yiyi's ex-boyfriend change his mind, Fang Muye repeatedly caused the two men to reignite. However, he himself unexpectedly became the subject of research by mad scientist Peter Chen. Jiang Yiyi also realized true love in the process of gradually becoming independent. The two guarded and dedicated each other and brought out the true meaning of happiness.

Genre : TV series,

Region : inside China

Director : Chen Yihan

Cast : Chen Yihan / Wang Ziqi / Gao Shengyuan / Zhang Baijia / Yan Liyan / Xia Ruoyu / Xu Yongge / Hou Tongjiang / Hao Yu / Li Dengyu / Lin Meixiu

Release : 2018

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Love is in the air

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