Seigi no Se - 1 [ Justice ]

Adapted from Akawa Satoko's novel of the same name. Yukiko Takemura, the eldest daughter of Tokyo Shichimachi tofu shop, has a sense of justice since childhood and is now the second year of Yokohama inspection office work. With the choice of marriage and work of the lover, the father is in scandal, and the suspect who has been sued has the possibility of being swindled. The blind man gropes his own justice in difficult cases, and the new female prosecutor cries and laughs. Decisive and Struggle Growth Story.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Japan

Director : Nanyun St. One / Akashi Izumi / Iwasaki

Cast : Yoshiko Yuriko / Yasuda Showa / Miura Shohei

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : Seigi no Se,Justice,Justice Prosecutors

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