Black Pean - 1 [ ブラックぺアン ]

The surgeon with the talented suture technique, Tsunaro Shijiro (Dinomiya Ninomiya) worked for the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical School of the Dongcheng University. However, he is not interested in promotion and is a person who is independent. He is a lofty genius who is proud of his 100% success rate, and because of his arrogant personality, his words and deeds, and the people around him. Colleagues evaluated him as "the devil in the operating room" who "lived the patient and let the doctor die." One day, new doctors graduated from other universities brought new medical instruments for surgery. Allegedly, this tool made the surgeon's technique less important. The hospital intends to use this surgical tool to carry out new surgical procedures. Crossing the sea has raised doubts about this type of medical device and started fighting.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Japan

Director : Fukuzawa Hiroshi / Tanaka Kenta / Watanabe Akiko

Cast : Ninomiya Kazunari / Takeuchi Naruto / Kwairurui / Baisho Mitsuko / Koizumi Takatarou / Uchino Sanyo

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : Black Pean,ブラックぺアン

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