Secrets of Three Kingdoms - 1

In the last years of the Eastern Han dynasty, Lingdi Chong and Wang Meimei gave birth to their twins. Due to the persecution of He Queen, he was said to have only one son Liu Xie. The other son, Liu Ping, was secretly taken out and raised outside the palace. Eighteen years later, the various princes conquered each other and the emperor Liu Xie suffered serious illness. In order to save the building from the Han Dynasty, he secretly returned Liu Ping to replace his own revived Han room. Liu Ping, who never knew that he was alive, stepped into the unknown battlefield with Sima Yi, who grew up as a child. When the Cao's group was full of pets, Guo Jia and others were involved in the investigation of Liu Ping's life experience, Liu Ping solved the round of crisis with the help of the queen Fu Shou and others. At the last minute, Liu Ping recognized that the change of an era was irreversible. He achieved the greatest victory in a non-war way. But Sima Yi, who is different from his political views and has a very arduous method, has taken a different path. In the end, after Liu Ping stabilized the peace in the Central Plains, he worked with Fu Shou in the private practice to teach children.

Genre : TV series,

Region : inside China

Director : You Dazhi/ Zheng Weiwen

Cast : Ma Tianyu / Han Dongjun / Wan Wei / Dong Jie / Wang Yangming / Dong Xuan / Xie Junhao / Tan Jianci / Li Jianyi / Shu Yaoyi / Wang Yuwen / Wang Renjun / Na Renhua / Tu Nan / Zhang Lei / Zhang Bohan / Chang Hao / Lin Jing / Zhang Qi / Wang Xiaomin / Sun Zujun / Wang Meng / Wang Ye Nuo

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Secrets of Three Kingdoms

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