Investigation Partners - 1 [ 검법남녀 ]

The drama tells the story of perfectionist, critical character of the forensic doctor Bai Fan and a large prosecutor with strong image memory to jointly investigate the case. Zheng Zaiyi will appear as a forensic white man who has worked for the National Institute of Scientific Search for 10 years. Although he is recognized as a powerful faction, he is a genius and eccentric who has a cold personality and is obsessed with the invisible truth. Jeong-Mei will play the prosecutor's office rate of the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office in the East. It is a unique experience of the birth of a “golden spoon”. The person who has a unique feeling is the prosecutor who discovered the truth through “sincerely”. Li Yi-Geng plays the role of a bloody criminal and playboy Jiang Dongrun.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Korea

Director : Lu Daozhe

Cast : Zheng Zaiyu / Zheng Momei / Li Yigen / Park Eun Suk / Stephanie Lee / An Suk Hwan / Park Jun Kyu / Park Hee Jin / Kim So Jung / Pak Seung Hoon / Kim Min He / Jin Jin Mo / Song Ying Kui / Gao Guijun / Lu Susanna / Kim Ji Mau / Kou Jung / Kelvin Fan / Kim Jung Lo / Seon- Sook Kang

Release : 2018

Language : Korean

Titles : Investigation Partners,검법남녀

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