The Ex-Man - 1 [ My boyfriend is not a human ]

31-year-old Li Ai wakes up from the dream and thinks that the girl's growth process is like a battle in a dream. At each stage, you will meet a boy standing in front of you. They may be teasing your nerdy ghosts. It's a stinky guy who doesn't dare to say it like you. They're like a devil in a video game. They always have problems blocking the way you grow. The biggest roadblock is your favorite boy. They suddenly appear in your life. Gives you a world and takes you away from the world. They let you grow up overnight, become your mark of your growth, and then become your demon king. It will pop up at any unguarded moment in your life. , Give you a heavy blow and laugh at you in vain...

Genre : TV series,

Region : Taiwan, China

Director : Deng Anning

Cast : Yang Wanru/Yang Bifeng/Wu Meizhi/Lian Kaihong Starring: Lan Chenglong/Yang Yulin/Lu Siming/Li Xing/Heffen/Xu Shihao/Wu Xiaoyang/Xue Shiling/He Yiqi Angel Yi-Chi Ho/Xie Qiongwen/Chua Gun

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : The Ex-Man,My boyfriend is not a human

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