Goodbye to Goodbye - 1 [ 이별 떠났다이떠났다 ]

The play was adapted from the same network novel by Su in the original author and screenwriter. Telling a girl to be pregnant, her boyfriend asked her to knock off her child. She refused to go to her boyfriend's mother's home and declared that she would have to live until the child was born. She gave up everything for love. In fact, her boyfriend’s mother lives alone due to her husband’s affair. As a result, she and her boyfriend’s mother started a wonderful cohabitation.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Korea

Director : Lu Yingyi/ Jin Minzhi

Cast : Cai Shina / Zhao Baoer / Li Chengzai / Li Junying / Zheng Huiying / Zheng Xiongren

Release : 2018

Language : Korean

Titles : Goodbye to Goodbye,이별 떠났다이떠났다

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