Tree in the River - 1 [ Animal lovers ]

"Animal Family Lovers" is an urban romance drama starring Sohu Video and Lecco Media, starring Zhong Xinyi, He Junxiang, Yan Zhang, Zhang Ruijia, Hong Zhuoli, Huang Zhiji, Lin Yuxi, Hou Yiwei and others. The play tells the story of Chu Zhihe, a prostitute who grew up in love with the steady Wang Dashu. The entire play focuses on the love philosophy of urban women under different conditions through the delicate display of multiple emotional lines.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Taiwan, China

Director : Tong Youning/ Xu Hao

Cast : Zhong Xinyi / He Junxiang / 隋棠 / Zhang Ruijia / Hong Zhuoli / Huang Zhiyi / Lin Yuyi / An Weixi / Hefen

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Tree in the River,Animal lovers

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