Marginal - 1 [ Limits ]

Crazy quiet upgrade. Following the "Fire of the Stars" starring Yuichi Yusuke, "The Devil of the White Stork" starring Rena Tanaka, the latest works of psychological suspense in the theater for adults on Saturday, this story takes place in a residential area! It was once referred to as the "New City of Dreams" and it is a place where people are longing for. Neighbors talk freely, help each other, and connect closely. However, now that this residential area does exist, the inhabitants' hearts have changed dramatically. Neighborly relations are cold

Genre : TV series,

Region : Japan

Director : Yuasa Asao / Chiba Takeshi

Cast : Sano Shiro / Ashikaga Rika / Junichiro Takashi / Yamasaki Shufan / Watanabe Shika / Chaoka Mayumi / Daisuke Yamaoka / Ayako Eno

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : Marginal,Limits

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