99.9 SEASON II - 1 [ 99.9-Criminal Nurses - SEASON II ]

In a criminal case in Japan, the chance of being convicted of guilt is as high as 99.9%. In the case where it is absolutely impossible to reverse the case, trace the possibility of the remaining 0.1%! Matsumoto Run will continue to play the protagonist of this work, Takayama Daishiro. In the insignificant 0.1% chance, he will be able to convince his own answer. His partner is still a smart and capable lawyer (Sakagawa Shizoi), both of whom will continue to work together to expose the truth. In addition, the second season will include the addition of former judge Ozaki Ozawa (Kimura Wenner). After passing the judicial examination, Maiko became a judge after the internship and later resigned from the judge due to a case. One day, she accompanied her friends to the Legal Law Firm, arguing against the deep-rooted views of persisting in the pursuit of truth from 0.1%. The case in which she resigned originally involved her former boss, an elite judge. What happened to this case? What will be the result of confrontation between the team and this man?

Genre : TV series,

Region : Japan

Director : Kimura Aya / Okamoto Shigo

Cast : Matsumoto Jun / Kagawa Teruchi / Kimura Mano / Aoki Takaoka / Katsushika Kiriaki / Kojima Yuichi / Kenji Maeda / Kenji Maeda / Imagi Hideyama / Ikeda Takashi / Kiyuki Shono / Watanabe Real Opener / Fujimoto Takahiro / Shoto Konosuke / Sato Toshio / Okuda Takuji / Sham Tseng Ting Crane Bottle / Shimichi Yide / Nakajima Yuxiang

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : 99.9 SEASON II,99.9-Criminal Nurses - SEASON II

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