Wild beast  [ Rampage ]

The primatologists played by Dashiqiang Johnson have always kept a distance with humans, but they have deep emotions with the extremely intelligent Silverback Gorilla George. But a genetic experiment mistakenly made this teeming gorilla into a beastly and untamed monster. Even more frightening is that other animals have also undergone the same genetic mutation. He must stop the global catastrophe, and more importantly, save his good friend George.

Genre : Action , Science Fiction , Adventure,

Region : United States

Director : Brad Payton

Cast : Donne Johnson / Naomi Harris / Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Marlene Ackerman / Jack Lacy

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Wild beast,Rampage,Doom Battle (Harbour) / Doom Battle (Taiwan) / Fury: Century Havoc / Fury / Monster Breakdown

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