Human Relations Firm - 1 [ Human Relations Firm ]

There is a rentless bookstore on the streets of every home, and four Lu snakes have been gathered one after another: the underdog, Zhang Liang, the most unwilling debt collector, and the owner of the rent bookstore, who is in dismal business, Zhou Guangxia, who is willing to pay a debt, has also paid tribute to the well-being. Blessed, eager to be loved by the rich second generation - Ding Shaoen, four Lu snakes with their own hidden interpersonal barriers, hangs up troublesome chores signs at the rent bookstore, and begins to solve various interpersonal hardships for people. In the situation of crying and laughing, one after another solved the problems of others, but at the same time they also faced the layers of friendship, affection, and love, and changed the face that everyone was afraid to face...

Genre : TV series,

Region : Taiwan, China

Director : Wu Jianxin

Cast : Cao Youning / Guo Shuyao / Wang Baijie / Ma Zhixiang / Yangshuo

Release : 2018

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Human Relations Firm,Human Relations Firm,Befriend

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