Season 4 - 1

In the fourth quarter, Noah, Helen, Alison, and Cole are away from each other and live in their own circles. They thought that their destiny was so entangled at first, and now they are increasingly alienated. Each character has a new love, but they all face tough choices: Are they ready to completely forget the past? Are there any possibilities for redemption and forgiveness between the new beginning and the tragedy ending? Sanaa Lathan Jenelle, the principal of the special effect school where Noah works this season, is very cold. The school’s management and teaching staff were dissatisfied with her and everything was against her. Ramon Rodriguez plays the Marine Corps veteran Ben and currently works for the Veterans Health Administration. He had some degree of post-traumatic stress disorder and Alison, who was a psychiatrist of grief, soon had an intersection with him. Russell Hornsby, Christopher Meyer, Amy Irving and Phoebe Tonkin performed in the fourth quarter.

Genre : Plot,

Region : United States

Cast : Dominic West / Ruth Wilson / Joshua Jackson

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Season 4

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