Bad genius doll - 1

The complete collection of the genius genius doll animation was adapted from the original online comics of domestic cartoonists. I believe that there is always a kind of people around you. You can only look up if you work hard. They are leaders, giants, stars, they are the pride of God, they are the darlings of God, they are geniuses. Is that true? Do not! There is a common secret among these geniuses, they will never reveal him to mortals, because that is the real reason for their success.........Every genius has one thing, that is - Bad couple! The story tells the story of the girl's little love and unintentionally found that the friend-cho is relying on the "malignant couple" to improve the dance strength, and is addicted to it. In order to awaken their friends and save the tormented genius, Xiao Ai joined the Redeemer team aiming at the rescue of the evil spirits, and launched a long and dangerous battle with the great sewing masters who made the villains!

Genre : Suspense, horror,

Region : Japan

Director : White flag

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese

Titles : Bad genius doll,Bad genius doll

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