Queen of the South Season 3 - 1

The play is based on the popular soap opera "La Reina del Sur," which was broadcast on Spanish TV network Telemundo in 2011. The soap opera originated from a best-selling book. The soap opera is said to feel more like a regular soap opera based on "Breaking Bad" rather than love. The average soap opera investment is very low, but La Reina del Sur's investment is up to 10 million US dollars, creating the history of Telemundo (the television network has been established for 19 years). This is a series of criminal themes. The murderer's boyfriend of Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) accidentally died in Mexico. Teresa was forced to flee to the United States to seek refuge. She formed an ally with someone she had met in the past, counterattacked and killed her boyfriend and had been chasing her drug trafficking chieftain. In the process, she learned all the “knowledge” and “strategies” in drug trafficking, and she gradually became the leader of this gang. The script further describes Teresa: She is smart, beautiful, observant, and she learns how to protect herself when she is young.

Genre : Drama, Crime,

Region : United States

Director : David Boyd

Cast : Steven Bower / Alice Braga / Molly Bernat / Charles Chu / Giovanni Sofifi / Peter Gattilt

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Queen of the South Season 3

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