Little Feather Heidi Season 4 - 1

The story takes place in Victorian London, where the abandoned baby Heidi is 5 years old and needs to return to the orphanage from a foster home. There, she met her good friend Polly, Ned. In addition to being particularly harsh, the dean also made unfair transactions with traffickers trying to make money by selling orphans. Heidi and his friends struggled with the dean and looked for their own biological mother. Heidi is kind, brave, intelligent, and full of hope for life. This is a very inspirational comedy.

Genre : Urban, emotion,

Region : United States

Director : Paul Walker

Cast : Isabel/CliftonEva/PopeGus/Barry

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Little Feather Heidi Season 4,Orphan Heidi

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