Chunyuanzhuang administrator - 1

The original collection of the administrator animation of Chunharazhuang was adapted from the comic book of the same name. The male protagonist Shiina Yashu was not treated as a male because of his weakness. After he went to Tokyo’s student apartment “Chunyuanzhuang”, Yashu met the gentle big breasts sister administrator Chunyuan Caihua and the sister of Caihua. A hot spring salad with black skin. As the only male in the apartment, Yashu is surrounded by beautiful women. The tragedy is that he is not regarded as the opposite sex because of his appearance. Even so, the vegetables still have a love for the subtree, and compete with their sister Caihua...

Genre : Love, funny,

Region : Japan

Director : Dauma heart (total), for the future

Cast : Kitamura Eri, Sato Lina, Takamatsu Natsumi, Seto Masha, Miyamoto 侑, Sakura

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese

Titles : Chunyuanzhuang administrator,Chunyuanzhuang administrator

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