Dead waiter 2  [ Deadpool 2 ]

When a grinning superhero wearing a red tight-fitting suit encounters a super-warrior with an assassination mission, the battle between them is on the verge; and the dead waiter is forced to start thinking about friendship, family and being behind a superhero. The real meaning - of course, while doing these deep thinking, he will never forget to scream "the shadow of fifty ass." After all, you also know that these people who do great things, while doing their good deeds for themselves, are always inevitably trying to make some dirty little means, you say it is ~ Demi!

Genre : Comedy , Action , Science Fiction , Adventure,

Region : United States

Director : David Reich

Cast : Ryan Reynolds / Josh Brolin / Morena Bakarin / Brianna Sidbrand / TJ Miller

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Dead waiter 2,Deadpool 2,DP2

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