Sharp weapon season 1 - 1

Adapted from the novel of the novel of the disappearance of the lover, Gillian Verin, telling reporter Camile Preaker, she has faced a lot of trouble just coming out of the mental hospital: she must return to her hometown to report two The murder of an adult girl. Camile has been alienated from her mother and her eccentric sister, but she was forced to live with them. In addition, as the investigation deepened, she found that she and the victim had much in common. While defeating her own demons, she also slowly explored the truth of the story.

Genre : Drama , Suspense , Thriller,

Region : United States

Director : Jean-Marc Varley

Cast : Amy Adams / Patricia Clarkson / Chris Messina / Eliza Scanlon / Matt Craven / Henry Kozen / Miguel Sandoval / West Germany Nicole Sweeney / Barbara Eve Harris / Elizabeth Perkins / Taylor John Smith / David Sullivan / Will Chase / Jackson Hurst / Emily Yancy / Becky Baker / Katherine Karan / Ryan James Nelson / Jennifer Aspen / Guy Boyd / Reagan Pastenac / Madison Davenport / Dylan Xiaoming / Jessica Te Resca / Jean Villepique / Jonathan Passow / D.B. Sweeney / Justin Wilburn

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Sharp weapon season 1,Trace of sharp weapon

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