The complete works of the smashing murder animation was adapted from Yoshida Akira with the comics of the same name. The protagonist of the story is the story of Ashura Links and Okumura Ei. But the background of the story involves the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War, American soldier Griffin Carlins suddenly shot and killed the same team of soldiers and caused death and injury. On the side of Max Rob, he had to shoot his feet to stop his action. And Griff suddenly said the unclear words of BANANA FISH. Griffin Carlins is the brother of Ashiu, the boss of the Street Children's Group in New York's slums. Japanese Aomura Yingji met with Yasho while looking for street children, and Yasho has been tracking BANANA in his brother's mouth. What does FISH mean?

Genre : Suspense,

Region : Japan

Director : Inner sea scorpion

Cast : Uchida Yuma, Nojima Kenji, Hirata Hiroaki, Ishigaki

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese

Titles : BANANA FISH,Treasure killing machine BANANA FISH

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