No. 2 season - 1

"#名姝# Harlots" co-produced by Hulu and ITV was renewed for the second season, and the 10th episode was scheduled to air for the next 18 years. The play tells the story of Margaret Wells (played by Samantha Morton) and her daughters, and she strives to reconcile herself between a mother and a brothel. When her career was threatened by a ruthless competitor, Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), she decided to fight back, even if it would destroy her family.

Genre : Plot,

Region : United States

Director : Kochi Gilzo

Cast : Samantha Morton / Jessica Brown Findlay / Liv Tyler / Leslie Manville / Bronwen James / Alexa Davis / Roy Baker / Dorothy West Atkinson / Rosalind Elias / Kate Fleetwood / Danny Sapani / Holly Dempsey / Thai Hurley / Ziggy Heath / Sheila Atim / Zak Holland / Megan Parkinson / Anthony Richard Rowe

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : No. 2 season,花魁 / Mama Sang / A love affair / Fireworks woman / Qingcheng Yimeng / 鸨王争战

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