Meteor Garden - 1 [ Meteor Garden ]

The 18-year-old ordinary girl Shancai was transferred to the elite school Yingde University but it was incompatible with the students. There are four students in the school who are handsome in appearance, rich in life, Dao Ming Temple, Hua Ze, Xi Men and Mei Zuo. Because Shancai could not understand the appearance of Dao Ming Temple, the sinensis of Shuyi had a dispute with him. Since then, Dao Ming Temple often mischievously made cedar. After a series of things happened, the misunderstanding between Shancai and Daoming Temple gradually deepened. But every time the crisis is over, Huaze will appear to help the cedar and help them out. With its weedy and tenacious vitality, Shancai gradually changed the impression of the four boys on their bad feelings, and their relationship gradually eased and became friends. From ordinary girls to role models for the whole school. The Doming Temple was also attracted by her unyielding optimism in the process of mischievous cedar, and fell in love with Sugi. The two experienced a lot of obstacles and eventually walked together and harvested love.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Chai Zhiping / Lin Helong

Cast : Shen Yue / Wang Hejun / Guan Hong / Liang Jingkang / Wu Xize / Sun Yihan / Wang Runze / Sun Qian / Liu Yinxi / Li Jiaqi / Liu Wei / Dong Xin / Xu Xiwei / Wang Lin / Guo Caijie / Wang Yue / Yan Chengqing / Li Quan

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Meteor Garden,Meteor Garden,Boys / Meteor Garden

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