Bharat  [ Bharath Ane Nenu ]

Dewa's family and neighboring villages are feuds, but the Dewa family's head has always been committed to dispelling the hatred of the two families, and even will not listen to discourage the sons of the two fighting sons Kyrgyzstan out of the house. Ji was so painful that he decided to follow his father's meaning and complained with morality. He used love to influence the enemy. Therefore, he successfully merged into the neighboring village through his son and daughter who were close to the enemy. What is the fate of Kyrgyzstan, can he eliminate the hatred of two generations that have lasted for generations, and turn it into a jade?

Genre : Story , action,

Region : India

Director : Siva Koratara

Cast : Mehsh Babu / Prakash Raja / Galo Advani / Ashbour Sharma / Salat Kumar

Release : 2018

Language : Telugu

Titles : Bharat,Bharath Ane Nenu,People's leader

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