Martial Universe I - 1 [ Martial arts ]

The youthful forest movement of the dream glory threshold, the chance to coincide with the mysterious stone charm left by the martial arts ancestors of the year. Since then, many of the three super-sects of the Wulin sects, the heroic sects, and the Zhongshan State, which have nothing to do with Lin, have appeared in the side of Lin, and even the enemy who has never been able to reach Lin Biantian has begun to move to Lin. Inexplicable concern. After suffering many clan battles, tyrannical wars, and succession of inheritance, Lin Dong relied on his diligent efforts and the opportunity to take advantage of the world's martial arts. He was also trained by the goddess of high cold and clear bamboo and joyful family. Huan’s secret favor. However, the martial arts family that once endangered the time was once again appearing on this land, and even the forested enemy Lin Biantian finally merged with the evil spirits. Lin Dong can only unite his two righteous brothers and the martial arts people who are righteous and righteous, relying on the supreme martial arts that was passed down from the ancestors of the year, and the contest with the different devils, and finally Lin Jian guarded this beautiful continent. .

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Cereal Potato / Li Jingling

Cast : Yang Yang / Zhang Tian'ai / Wu Zun / Wang Likun / Shi Xiaolong / Liu Yan / Suo Xiaokun / Dong Qing / Li Yuliang

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Martial Universe I,Martial arts,The hero of the martial arts and the heroes of the martial arts / martial arts (on) / Martial Universe I

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