Everest Scavenger  [ Death Zone: Cleaning Mount Everest ]

A Nepalese expedition consisting of 20 mountaineering experts set off for the "Death Zone" of the Mount Everest in order to clear the world's highest garbage dump above 8,000 meters above sea level, restore the sacred mountain peaks and eliminate 130 million people. Contaminated by the source of living water. The name of the "Death Zone" is due to the extremely thin oxygen, extremely low temperatures and treacherous terrain. Although there have been clean-up actions, one by one, bringing garbage down the mountain, but no one dared to boast that it really solved the pollution problem of the "death zone", where there were 150 dead climbers and more than 100,000 pounds of garbage. . The mountaineering team once again climbed to the highest peak and recorded a journey of life and death.

Genre : Documentary,

Region : Nepal

Director : Marina Martins

Cast : Namgyal Sherpa / Chakra B. Karki / Patrick Stewart

Release : 2018

Language : Nepali

Titles : Everest Scavenger,Death Zone: Cleaning Mount Everest

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