Tiger father, dogless girl  [ Like Father ]

A young workaholic company executive (Kristin Bell) was abandoned on the wedding day, and finally she and her thoughts would not have thought of embarking on a honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean: alienated for many years, the same is The workaholic father (Kelsey Granmo). This has been a stranger to the father and daughter, but after a few hilarious adventures, cocktails decorated with small umbrellas, and sincere self-reflection, they have a new understanding of family and life when they return from vacation.

Genre : comedy,

Region : United States

Director : Lauren Miller

Cast : Kristen Bell / Kelsey Granmo / Seth Rogen / Paul Downs / Zach Eppman

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Tiger father, dogless girl,Like Father,Father

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