Eight Heroes - 1

Southern Song Dynasty, Qin Hui traitor clique, only fully. Over former veteran Wu Lin Zhongqi can combine different persons, composed of ”cavalier” against Qin Hui. However, in an escort large sums of money, the gallant people were killed, more involved six doors Lawman Yan core (Anthony Wong) involved. Out of indignation Yan core then come forward and become a gallant leader. He wanted to arm its more than quack Warren: the world first killer usual (Lu Yi ornaments), Lady geniuses flat Q (Dong Xuan ornaments), the world first Thief wind burst (Zheng Xiaodong ornaments), women cheat Kagura Chien (Lu Lu ornaments ), Jiangnan courtesan Fenglaiyi (Li Bingbing ornaments), plus the spoiled rich kid Xie Jiaqi (Edison Chen ornaments) and inventor dongguo Jen (Lam Chi Chung ornaments), known as ”eight Heroes.” In Banbiheshan decay occasion, staged a battle of life and death.

Genre : Drama, martial arts,

Region : China, Hong Kong

Director : Jing

Cast : Anthony Wong, Edison, Damian Lau, Li Bingbing, Linzi Cong, Dong Xuan, Li Xiaolu, Fan Bingbing, Zheng Xiaodong, Han Xiao, Lu Yi

Release : 2005

Language : Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese

Titles : Eight Heroes,八大豪侠

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