The Legend of Flying Daggers - 1 [ 飞刀又见飞刀 ]

”Flying Sword Flying” is based cologne of the same name novels adapted costume martial arts drama by Liang Shengquan directed, Hawick, Rong Yang, Huang Ming, Kenny Kwan, Wu Yingjie, Yuan Bing Yan, Huang Wenhao, Yangming Na, He Zhonghua and other co-star, Yan Yikuan, Fengyan and other special cases appeared. The play tells the story of ”Romantic Swordsman” descendants Lihuai experienced after the tragic death of his mother, was a treasure map by accident and suffered major sects kill, and in the process, ”Luna” Xue mining month, childhood can only What happened between the younger brother of Jane Lee and righteousness Shaoxia Loong Yat series of stories.

Genre : Costume, martial arts,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Liang wins the right to Huangjun Wen, Liu Guohui

Cast : Liu Kaiwei, Rong Yang, Huang Ming, Wu Yingjie, Kenny Kwan, ice Yan Yuan, Huang Wenhao, Yan Yikuan, He Zhonghua, were Fengyan

Release : 2016

: Mandarin

Titles : The Legend of Flying Daggers,飞刀又见飞刀 ,Phi Đao Hựu Kiến Phi Đao

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