From Five To Nine - 1 [ 朝5晚9:帅气和尚恋上我,朝五晚九:俊俏和尚爱上我,朝5晚9:爱上我的超帅和尚,朝5晚9:恋上我的帅和尚 ]

Qing mantra (Kei Tanaka ornaments) is a former teacher and now run sub-boss, had not been feeling some dim pick out between the two. Mishima Cong (Yuki Furukawa ornaments) and Junko was a classmate, now has become a Junko sects students, Junko has unspeakable affection. In the (I decorated Takada ment) Yuki is on the surface of a lovely girl, but it is actually a man named, so he struggled unrequited love Junko. However, the obstruction can not spend all Hoshikawa for Junko deep love, including his shoulders are burdened with inherited a heavy mission next temple abbot.

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Romance, idol, drama,

Region : Japan

Director : Hirano really

Release : 2016

: Japanese

Titles : From Five To Nine, 朝5晚9:帅气和尚恋上我,朝五晚九:俊俏和尚爱上我,朝5晚9:爱上我的超帅和尚,朝5晚9:恋上我的帅和尚,5→9 ~私に恋したお坊さん~

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