Moonlight Resonance Ⅱ - 1 [ Moonlight Resonance Ⅱ ]

Time passes, children grow up, regeneration storm. Eldest son Gan Yong home Acre (Moses ornaments) kept stocks ignored positive industry, but also with daughters A month (Yang Yi ornaments) and the cousin Kamei (Kate Tsui ornaments) into a whirlpool of emotions; Aiko A good (Raymond decoration) nickname housekeeper Aberdeen, the person whose the family relationships were things first, always lead to snub his girlfriend broke up, when childhood Yu so-chow (Linda ornaments) graduated from England came back to re-sprout a good love, but accidentally missed opportunity, let Yu So-chow invested Ling Zhixin (Bosco ornaments) doctor’s feelings. Youngest daughter is also facing Eqing normal into society and romance troubles.

Genre : Drama, Romance, fashion, ethics, Gangju,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Liu Jiahao

Cast : Xia Yu, Louise Lee, Moses Chan, Yang Yi, Raymond, Lee Heung Kam, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Chris Lai, Ruanzhao Xiang, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Susanna Kwan, Michelle

Release : 2008

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Moonlight Resonance Ⅱ, Moonlight Resonance Ⅱ,溏心風暴Ⅱ之家好月圓

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