My Amazing Boyfriend - 1 [ My Amazing Boyfriend ]

The wilderness in a quiet night, the entertainment field, two stars Jingzhi Tian (Wu Qianshi) driving the car and the oncoming truck collided. Strange is that the truck carrying a coffin, the net of blood flow into the coffin, actually let the people lying in the resurrection! That name is Xue Lingqiao (Jin Taihuan), is not sick and will not be injured, gene mutation”. He walked away for more than and 400 years, one hundred years ago was set up on the body to do in the blood, then locked in a coffin. Xue Lingqiao rescued coma Jingzhi Tian, after several twists and turns more to live in the home.

Genre : Plot,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Dengke

Cast : Wu Qian, Jin Jin, Shen Mengchen, Li Xinliang, Yang Yifei, Xu Ke, Fu Jia

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

Language : Mandarin

Titles : My Amazing Boyfriend,My Amazing Boyfriend,我的奇妙男友

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