Fight back to school  [ Fight Back to School ]

Zhou Xingxing (Stephen Chow) is the captain of the flying tigers, was ordered to gun identity to San Yu Qiang high school to find to visit the stolen police undercover. Zhou Xingxing even in a variety of helpless or accept the task. He soon adjusted to school life, he also high-strength effort is supported by the school many students, Zhou Xingxing also take advantage of the missing gun case investigation. Another undercover police Cao Dahua (Ng Man Tat ornaments) is also involved in the case, and finally with classmates together, help Zhou Xingxing cracked a large arms trafficking case.

Genre : Comedy, action,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : gordon chan

Cast : Stephen Chow, Aman Chang, Ng Man Tat, Roy Cheung, Paul Chun, Huang Yi Shan, King-Tan Yuen, Chen Guoxin

Release : 1991-07-18 (Hongkong)

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Fight back to school, Fight Back to School,逃學威龍

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