The Familiar of Zero - 1 [ ゼロの使い魔 ]

Wizarding world, because of Tory Manchester Magic Academy, where young people learn magic lessons. Just promoted to Grade 2 girl Lucy Ruiz • la • El Valle has been cast as the success rate of 0, it was all dubbed "zero dew Ruiz," every time she cast could succeed, but cause an explosion , the College normal school life a mess. On this day, once in a lifetime magician to make magic summoning, the summon will make magic with magician forever. Other students have successfully completed the magic to make the call, and a spell dew Ruiz, not surprisingly exploded. However, Lu Yi is hereby summoned a servitor - a human! Tokyo boy before people actually came to the magical world, and as a make magic! The only people not know what to do with the people as the only people to see Lucy Ruiz signed a contract at the Magic Academy, Tokyo ordinary teenager who was his fate what will happen.

Genre : Comedy , Action , Romance , Animation , Fantasy,

Region : Japan

Cast : Kugimiya Rie / Hino Satoshi / Yui Horie / Sakurai Takahiro / Yuka Inokuchi

Release : 2006

Language : Japanese

Titles : The Familiar of Zero,ゼロの使い魔

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