The secret history of Wu Zetian - 1

In 683 ad, Emperor died.both, Lixian (Wang Hao decoration) came to the throne, Wushi empress dowager (Yin Tao ornaments) the following year Li Li Dan (Tian Yupeng decoration) for the emperor, waste Li significantly for the Luling king, from the beginning of the Wu Zetian arbitrary asatsuna era. Heir st year September, Xu Jingye (Yanlin Dong ornaments) launched a rebellion in Yangzhou, against the Empress Wu dictatorship, Wushi task force quickly subsided, and put to death the Guming minister Pei inflammation (Hongwu Yang ornaments) and towards the opposition, to further consolidate the ruling status. After that, she forced Li Tang to design anti imperial clan, gradually clear the alien, who own all the people killed the adverse ruling. In order to achieve the purpose of emperor she cronyism, cruel abuse, and from ancient books looking for a woman at the helm of the world allusions are widely distributed in the world. She also built Vientiane shrine, made the auspicious, for days after the emperor created public opinion. In the fifth year of the deposed Li Xianhou that vertical arch four years May 18, Wushi and statue of the ”Notre Dame” to the Queen’s dream towards the first step...

Genre : Biography, history,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Chengfeng

Cast : Liu Xiaoqing, Siqin Gaowa, Winston Chao, Tang Guoqiang, Tao Yin, Zhongxin Tong, Junyi Shen, Hailu Qin, Yu Shaoqun, Zheng Shuang, Tian Yupeng

Release : 2011

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The secret history of Wu Zetian,武则天秘史

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