Ghost of Relativity - 1 [ 鬼同你OT ]

Sun Yueshuo Mei (Kristal Tin) is absent-minded, stupid, lazy over thirty years old, who got her interview at GSZ Architects Ltd. receptionist during lucky. The human resources manager Ma Wei Qing, there is no consideration of her position, she was late for the interview, had no experience after the work of the humble. But the office manager, Nancy Wu, talked about the defense in May, when the human resources manager laughed loudly in front of others. Gin pointed out the defects of other applicants, think they are not in good taste to the receptionist. With the gin on the views of other applicants, hired in May on the human resources management aspirations of the local.

Genre : Comedy, Supernatural,

Region : Kong Hong

Director : Koon-yue Ng

Cast : Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Eddie Kwan

Release : 2015

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Ghost of Relativity,鬼同你OT

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