Eye in the sky - 1

Once your squad for the Hongkong senior inspector Szeto Shun (Kevin Cheng) is too dependent on the inner system, although this case helped him find a lot of key to solve the case and evidence, but also he sneaked into the trap of drugs, arson. In order to trace the murderer framed him, Stuart resigned, after a friend introduced into a security company as a security manager, he accumulated over the years by virtue of the knowledge quickly became the company’s right-hand man, during which he joined the company and Zheng Lihang (Chen Zhanpeng) Freemasonry fellowlike. An accident, let Stuart encounter private detective Wu Zhenni (Yang Yishi). This encounter so Stuart to see the truth and hope to identify the arson, found that Jeanne seems to have a special ability.

Genre : The story, love, crime, Hong Kong,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Fangjunzhao

Cast : Chen Zhanpeng / Kevin Cheng / Tavia Yeung

Release : Two thousand and fifteen

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Eye in the sky,Eye In The Sky

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