Steel bride - 1 [ ケメコデラックス! ]

Once, a small Linsan Ping (Eri Kitamura dubbing) and a young girl has a romantic convention, a dazzling past decade, although they had far apart at the moment, but Kobayashi never forgot this wonderful memories, and always want to get again the girl's news. A mediocre morning, when Kobayashi opened his eyes, but found a red hair green robot appeared in his side, the robot can be named Meike (Saito Chiwa dubbing), it overwhelmed to find Kobayashi, turned out to marry him. In this way, Kobayashi somehow being started and Meike cohabitation, at the same time, accompanied by Kobayashi side and his childhood sweetheart, animal husbandry, the original spring (Takahashi Mikako dubbing), radio girl Hayakawa Misaki (Kugimiya Rie dubbing ) and official search Kurosaki Ryoko (Ryoko Shiraishi dubbing).

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Tsutomu Mizushima

Cast : Haruka Tomatsu / Saito Chiwa / Eri Kitamura / Ryoko Shiraishi / Kugimiya Rie

Release : 2008

Language : Japanese

Titles : Steel bride,ケメコデラックス!

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