Max Stell  [ 超能量战士(港,台) ]

Teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) discovers that his body can generate the most powerful energy in the universe. Steel (Josh Brener) is a funny, slightly rebellious, techno-organic extraterrestrial who wants to utilize Max’s skills. When the two meet, they combine together to become Max Steel, a superhero with unmatched strength on Earth. They soon learn to rely on each other when Max Steel must square off against an unstoppable enemy from another galaxy.

Genre : Action, science fiction, adventure,

Region : U.S.A

Director : Stewart Hendler

Cast : Ben Winchell, Josh Brenner, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia Ana, Mike Doyle Phillip, Villafa n e, DeVona, Billy Sloate, Al Mitchell, Lawrence Kao, Brett Gentile, Jahnee Wallace, Avis-Marie Barnes, Brandon Larracuente, Clayton Frey

Release : 2016-11-01 (mainland China), 2016-10-14 (United States)

Language : English

Titles : Max Stell, 超能量战士(港,台),Max Steel

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