The heir of the stars - 1 [ From the Stars Heirs ]

Yong Zheng, three the elder brother hirotoki clever clever but be provoked in both intelligent and courageous emperor for his estranged. Therefore, being jealous, being hunted. Arrow after he accidentally crossed 300 years later in twenty-first Century, a group of people must inherit Lin. Because had relationship with the unruly big miss Zong Mengdi and Zong’s group shareholder engagement two opened a sincere romantic and emotional entanglements a perplexing. The fate of the emotional cycle, and deadly crisis and the interests of the crown. A great romance, with a fatal temptation behind a deep love, difficult to look back on the pain and secret conspiracy

Genre : Comedy, love, costume,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Einstein

Cast : Zhao Yihuan, Wen Zhuo, Wang Yuexin, Han Lei, Zou Yang

Release : 2014

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The heir of the stars, From the Stars Heirs,来自星星的继承者们

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