The Legend of Magic Mirror - 1 [ 水月洞天续集-灵镜传奇 ]

Sword Villa suzerain Yin Tianqi (Lu Xingyu ornaments) that was to surrender, so that each sword swords Zhuang seize resistance suddenly ”Shuiyuedongtian” six elders unexpected, taking away all the weapons. The original patriarch Tong war (Yang Junyi ornaments) superstitious divination, to avoid disaster, never kill the child’s family to receive a number of weapons can not hurt bad system. A few years ago, in the family of a traitor Yin Chung (Norman Chu ornaments), the patriarch with his brother Bo Tong (Yu Bo ornaments), the third brother, innocence (Zhang Jin decorated) together with the traitor into the rock bottom, but Tong Bo, innocence is also present Bowring mirror family town family suction hell rock. Yin Chung were hell where the fire burned itself into practice magic, Tong Bo creatures to save the world, to change his heart Yin Chung, will change to the wisdom born of innocence stiff spirit mirror was moved by the child Bo righteous , the trio of hell thrown rock. Tong Bo lover Peas (Ada ornaments) will Qiruoyousi Tong Bo rescue home, Tong Jiayi servant Longyan (Cheng Pei Pei ornaments) kneel to the spiritual mirror vow, Gan Tong Bo in exchange for his life with a breadth of soul ......

Genre : Drama, Action, Romance, Fantasy,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Lee Chao, Ye Chengkang

Cast : Yu Bo, Monica Chan, Ada Choi, Yang Junyi, Zhang Jin, Zhang Qian, Norman Chu, Yang, Lu Xingyu

Release : 2003

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The Legend of Magic Mirror, 水月洞天续集-灵镜传奇,灵镜传奇

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