May Fortune Smile On You - 1 [ 财神驾到 ]

People all love money. Some people think that money is everything, convinced that ”wealth can be truly inspired,” ”go around money and diligence”; however, people have emotions, not all of the things in the world have encountered trouble with money to solve Fortuna arrogance was demoted mundane mend people craving once! developed, do not have to toil for a living, and therefore among the thousands of deities, the God of Wealth (Chen Shancong ornaments) most popular support, had become under the Jade Emperor, the Great god above all gods, become arrogant and frivolous, more chaotic faction merit, attracted immortal discontent. Mortal fall sweepstake kicked off, but the God of Wealth rash careless mistake will formerly dry good Mae Sai (Wayne Lai decorated) winning betting tickets, sent to the king slob million (Pal Sinn ornaments). The Jade Emperor was furious and banished the God of Wealth mundane, ordering him to remain in the world twenty-four years to set things right, it may not return to heaven! Fortuna son born to one million Lucky Wang body, but it was the immortal revenge, will lose their memories upon a time.

Genre : Comedy,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Li Tiansheng

Cast : Wayne Lai, Xie Xue Xin, Pal Sinn, He Guangpei

Release : 2016

Language : Cantonese

Titles : May Fortune Smile On You,财神驾到

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