Demon Girl 2 - 1 [ 半妖倾城 2 ]

”Half-demon Allure Ⅱ” is based Mobai same name novel one thousand nine adapted by the happy sunshine produced, joyous film for the system, Renhai Yao and Liu Zhenming co-directed, for positive screenwriter, Zhangzhe Han, Li Yitong, Kan Kiyoko, Hong Yao starred in Republican fantasy love stories. The play tells the mysterious story of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of centuries to Nie Allure and Xia love story of the main line to uncover the mystery of half-demon.

Genre : Passionate, emotional, fantasy, idols,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Renhai Yao, Liu Zhenming

Cast : Li Yitong, Zhangzhe Han, Kan Kiyoko, Hong Yao, Dai Xiangyu, Zhang Yijie, Steven Ma, XU Xiao Connaught, Song Weilong, South Sheng

Release : 2016

: Mandarin

Titles : Demon Girl 2 ,半妖倾城 2, Bán Yêu Khuynh Thành 2

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